Fresh draught beer with fresh warm baguette and an assortment of sumptuous shaved meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie & Cheese

Venice Beach Wines sources local and organic whenever possible. 

Our cheese, charcuterie, and desserts are available for dinner.
Click on the following link to view PDF versions of our Current Menus.

Charcuterie a la carte

served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  

Prosciutto {TX/Pork} sweet / buttery / salty / nutty

Bresaola, Bernina {IT/Beef} salt & air cured / sweet / peppery / hearty flavor

Salami Calabrese {VA/Pork} spicy paprika / cayenne / sangiovese wine

Chorizo Rioja {SP/Pork} mild / paprika / garlic / spices 

Duck Rillette served with cornichons & mustards

Vegan Terrine {Veggie} served with cornichons & mustards

Jamon Iberico de Bellota {SP/Pork} acorn fed / sweet / nutty / earthy / floral 

FROMAGE a la carte

 served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  

Delice De Bourgogne {FR/Cow} soft triple cream / rich / creamy / buttery

Graffton Village{VT/Raw Cow} firm 3yr aged cheddar / bold / tangy / citrus notes

Manchego {SP/Sheep} firm slightly sweet / nutty / butterscotch / grass

Vella, Aged Asiago {CA/Cow} firm sharp / nutty / semi-sweet / crumbly

Meredith Dairy {AU/Sheep,Goat} soft tangy / smooth / creamy / peppercorns / herbs / garlic

Gran Tartufino {IT/Raw Cow} soft robust / creamy / black & white truffles

Crozier Blue {IR/Sheep} semi-soft creamy / rich / tangy / earthy / long finish

Burrata {IT/Cow} creamy / mild / olive oil / salt / fresh ground pepper

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