Fresh draught beer with fresh warm baguette and an assortment of sumptuous shaved meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie & Cheese

Venice Beach Wines sources local and organic whenever possible. 

Our cheese, charcuterie, and desserts are available for Dinner.
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served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  

Prosciutto {TX/Pork} sweet/buttery salty/nutty

Bresaola {IT/Beef} salt & air cured/sweet/peppery/hearty flavor

Salami Calabrese {VA/Pork} spicy paprika/cayenne/sangiovese wine

Salami Etna {OR/Pork} pistachio/ lemon zest /sea salt

Pork Rillette {OR/Pork} pork shoulder/ginger/herbs 

Chorizo Rioja {SP/Pork} mild/paprika/garlic/spices 


 served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  


Bardwell Dorset {VT/Raw Cow} soft/mildly sharp/pungent/savory/nutty

Amour Petit Brebis {FR/Raw Sheep} semi-firm/salty/buttery/earthy/fruity

Beemster XO {NL/Cow} firm crumbly/whiskey/butterscotch/pecan

Manchego {SP/Raw Sheep} firm raw/nutty/slightly salty/caramel notes

Saint Angel {FR/Cow} soft/creamy/lush/sweet cream/mushroom

Death & Taxes {CA/Cow} semi-firm/ dense/ buttery

LA Dama Sagrada {SP/Raw Goat} firm/nutty/salty-sweet/caramel notes

Fourme d’Ambert {FR/Raw Cow} creamy rich/piquant/earthy/balanced

Burrata {IT/Cow} creamy/mild 8 olive oil/salt/fresh ground pepper

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