Fresh draught beer with fresh warm baguette and an assortment of sumptuous shaved meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie & Cheese

Venice Beach Wines sources local and organic whenever possible. 

Our cheese, charcuterie, and desserts are available for Brunch and Dinner.
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served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  

Prosciutto {TX/Pork} sweet / buttery / salty / nutty

Chorizo Rioja {OR/Pork} sweet / garlic /oregano / smoked spanish paprika

Bresaola, Bernina {ITA/Beef} salt & air-cured beef / sweet / peppery / hearty flavor  

Loukanika {OR/Pork} orange zest / cumin / garlic & herbs

Speck, Recla {ITA/Pork} cold smoked aged pork shoulder / hints of juniper / allspice  

Lonzino {CA/Pork} dry cured / berkshire pork loin / harvested herbs & spices

Country style pork pate {OR/Pork} fresh herb / pistachio


 served with chef’s choice of accoutrements and warm baguette  


Boschetto al Tartufo {ITA/Cow, Sheep} semi-soft / slightly pungent/ white truffle

Saint Angel {FRA/Cow} soft / triple cream / buttery / rich

Etude {USA/Goat} firm / earthy / slight salt / creamy finish

Gorria {ESP/Sheep} semi-soft / milky / creamy finish

Fourme Aux Moelleux {FRA/Raw Cow} semi-soft / mushroom / chocolate / aged sweet vouvray

Hooligan {USA/Raw Cow} semi-soft /earthy / pungent

Gouda Truffle Noir {NLD/Cow} creamy / smooth / Italian black truffle 


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