Cherry Clafoutis -  warm custard with cherries.

Dessert Menu

Venice Beach Wines sources local and organic whenever possible.

Our cheese, charcuterie, and desserts are available with Lunch, Dinner and Brunch.
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Sweet Stuff   

Triple Chocolate Mousse/white & dark milk chocolate/cigar wafers

Vanilla Coconut Pana cotta/coconut cream/coconut macaroons

Banofee Tart/salted caramel custard/bananas/house whipped cream/shaved chocolate


served with chef’s choice of accouterments and warm baguette 

Bardwell Dorset {VT/Raw Cow} soft/mildly sharp/pungent/savory/nutty

Amour Petit Brebis {FR/Raw Sheep} semi-firm/salty/buttery/earthy/fruity

Beemster XO {NL/Cow} firm crumbly/whiskey/butterscotch/pecan

Manchego {SP/Raw Sheep} firm raw/nutty/slightly salty/caramel notes

Saint Angel {FR/Cow} soft/creamy/lush/sweet cream/mushroom

Death & Taxes {CA/Cow} semi-firm/ dense/ buttery

LA Dama Sagrada {SP/Raw Goat} firm/nutty/salty-sweet/caramel notes

Fourme d’Ambert {FR/Raw Cow} creamy rich/piquant/earthy/balanced

Burrata {IT/Cow} creamy/mild 8 olive oil/salt/fresh ground pepper

dessert wines

NV Tawny Port, Kopke, Portugal
hints of dates, vanilla, sultana raisins, ripe red fruit, medium bodied with dry finish                                  

09 Sauternes, Ch. Les Justices, France
dense layers of sweet pineapple and caramelized apple, brightened by fine acidity                                          

Madeira, New York, Malmsey, PT
aromas of dried figs, walnuts, dry spice, balanced sweetness            

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